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As someone navigating the world between cultures, ethnicities, and labels, you have been given the gift of insight and adaptability. You can see what others don't, and are highly sensitive to what goes unspoken or unacknowledged.

The gift of being adaptable in any environment is a strength, and it also presents a challenge. 


When you are highly skilled at anticipating and understanding the feelings and needs of others, you run the risk of losing yourself in adapting to and accommodating those around you.

This leads to feeling emotionally overwhelmed or depleted. The worries, fears, or sadness can become so unbearable that you lay awake at night, unable to sleep while your thoughts race.

You may be ignoring body cues that you need to slow down or make a change, including unexplained aches and pains, back & belly aches, headaches,  or digestive issues.  

Expressive arts therapy can help you:

~reconnect to yourself

~connect more deeply with loved ones

~communicate authentically and effectively

Using expressive arts modalities of visual art making, movement, and writing we'll look at what is going right in your life, as well as what needs to be let go of or transformed. 

You may be someone that others see as strong, flexible, creative, and thoughtful. Others feel comfortable coming to you for advice or help. People in your life may rely on you for support or look to you for leadership.

Cultivating your inherent gifts and insight, you can redirect your strength, generosity, and compassion to yourself in order to live with a sense of contentment and ease. You know that you can be of support to others- now learn how to offer that support to yourself.

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