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Individual Therapy

In Individual therapy, we meet on a weekly basis to dive deeper into the issues that are coming up for you in your life now. This may include an issue that has been going on for some time and is now coming to head- a traumatic incident from the past, or feeling of loss or grief that has never been resolved. This may look like issues in your current relationship, or problems at work. In my practice, I work with folks who are dealing with anxiety, relationship, and identity issues.









During the initial phone intake, we'll talk more about what you're looking for, I'll answer any questions you may have, and we'll determine if it feels like a good idea to work together.  If we choose to proceed, I'll send you a questionnaire and my office policies and procedures to get started. At our first visit, we sit down together (over secure video, using a HIPAA compliant and completely private, completely secure platform), and review your questionnaire, what has been coming up for you that has led you to seek out therapy, what's been working and what hasn't.

We'll set goals, and periodically review those goals to make sure we're on the right track. My goal is for you to develop the tools you need in order to not need me- for you to essentially become your own therapist. This takes an incredible amount of courage, commitment, and creativity. And I know you can do it.

In session, I'll invite you to access your own creative compass using expressive arts directives including drawing, writing, and accessing the wisdom of the body. 

All of you is welcome here. As someone who identifies as "in between", you may be very adept at noticing and fitting in to what is expected of you. Therapy is a place where you don't have to do or be anything. We make space for what is happening right in front of us by slowing down, paying attention, and attuning to what is needed most. 

If you're curious and feel like this may be a good fit for you, I invite you to schedule a free 15-20 minute phone consultation here:

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