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My Background

When I  was going through a particularly challenging time as a young adult, I turned to creativity- mainly painting, dancing, and writing, to help me through it.  

This included grappling with my own sense of identity and belonging as a biracial female living in a very "black and white" world, as well as healing the pain of feeling like an 'Other'. As a child, I checked that box on forms asking about my racial identity.  I understand now that the feeling of being separate or different from everyone else is actually something that connects all of us. 


As an adult, I met and married another 'Other'. We now have two children with a different lived racial and cultural experience than either of us.


Every day, each of us navigates the intersection of gender, ethnicity, culture, class, sexuality, spirituality, we show up physically, mentally, and emotionally is influenced by all these things, and it can be overwhelming. The gift of therapy is taking the time to think about and look at these things in a safe and supportive environment. Taking the initial step of simply acknowledging that there is something in us that needs deeper time and attention is a good place to start.

My Focus  & Approach

The ultimate aim of therapy is greater connection- with oneself and others- and greater communication. The path to both connection and communication is made through increasing awareness, developing a stance of openness and acceptance, and in doing so, gaining confidence and comfort in our authenticity. Learning to relate with clarity and honesty to the painful or unwanted/unwelcome parts of ourselves allows us to relate with authenticity, flexibility, and compassion to ourselves and others. 

Who I Work With

I work with people who are exploring identity. This includes multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-heritage individuals and groups, and folks interested in exploring their identity at the intersection of sexuality, gender, socio-economic status, immigration status, dis/ability, and spirituality. 


I believe that mental health is inextricably tied to physical health, as well as social and spiritual health. My hope is to help you feel supported and fulfilled in every area of your life. 

In addition to expressive arts, my background and training includes Attachment Theory, Narrative Therapy, and Mindfulness Based approaches. I am currently training to become a Certified Mental Health Integrative Nutrition Provider, and have received advanced training in Brainspotting, which is a highly effective treatment for trauma, as well as a powerful tool used to enhance creativity. You can learn more about brainspotting here.


  I am influenced by Buddhism and Buddhist psychology in my work.

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