We are interconnected beings. While having one to one support is helpful and at times necessary, showing up in group is a way to learn from your peers, share your wisdom and knowledge with others, and find connection, reassurance, and support from those who are experiencing similar challenges and struggles to your own. As the pandemic has isolated us more and more, coming together in a group setting allows us the opportunity to feel less alone in our common experience. 

This Mixed Identity Support Group uses Expressive Arts as a way to access your inherent creativity to unpack and explore the complexity and challenge of being someone who may feel out of place, that you are often needing to 'perform' for others, or that you are navigating the liminal space between labels.










Mixed Identity Group

This is a group* for folks of mixed heritage- including those who identify as bi/multiracial, multicultural, mixed, or some other category not defined or mentioned here relating to being "more than one" - to come together to unpack and explore the complexity of mixed identity.


Over 8 weeks, we will come together in a safe and supportive space to talk about identity, community, and being fully seen.

You can sign up here, by booking a phone consultation and sending a message that you'd like to be included in the group this time around. We'll set up a time to chat to confirm it's a good fit to join. 

The group has a 'flexible frame', with a common theme or idea being explored each week tied to an expressive arts directive. The content of the group is determined by group members, who are invited to bring what feels most pressing, relevant, and important into the group space.

We are often asked- both directly and indirectly- to not talk about our mixedness. In this group, all of you is welcome, including the parts that may feel new, ancient, unexplored, or unwelcome outside this shared space.  

Here's a general outline of what we'll cover over the 8 weeks together: 

Week 1-  Laying the groundwork- labels and context

Week 2- Who are you? The inner mask and outer mask

Week 3- "What are you?" Being seen by others- finding our touchstone

Week 4- Turning inwards- What's missing? Creating what's needed

Week 5- Who am I? Considering a True Reflection

Week 6- Who are We? Acknowledging with Awareness

Week 7- What are We? Collaging Community

Week 8- Commencement and Return


If you know you're interested in joining, save your spot by clicking on the on the "Join Us" button, then booking a phone consultation, and sending a note that you'd like to be included for this round. We'll connect by phone and I can share more about the group and answer any questions you may have, and confirm it's a good fit to join. *please note- this is the last time I'll be offering the group in this iteration. I'll be offering next year and the fee will be increased*

Other relevant info:

Who: This group is for folks who identify as mixed, bi/multiracial, multicultural, multi-heritage.

Group is limited to 4-6 participants

Where: This group will meet online, via a secure meeting link 

When: Tuesdays from 9:15am- 10:30am PST

The next group scheduled to begin on Tuesday October 27th

How much: $399 plus an optional $25 materials fee*

(materials will be mailed to participants)

If interested & you'd like to know more, you can book a 15-20 minute consultation to hear more about the group and get any questions answered, as well as share more about you and what you're looking for to see if it would be a good fit to join:

*Please note: This is not a therapy group, participants are encouraged to have their own therapist and will be offered a referral if needed. 

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