Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy for anxiety, relationship issues, trauma and identity. I see people in my practice that identify as "other". Whether attributed to their ethnic or cultural identity, sexuality, gender, disability, or a combination of these identities.


60 minute session - $180

90 minute session-  $260

Joint Therapy

I work with partners in cross cultural relationships- whether this be race, ethnicity, class, religious, community, or other affiliation. I work from an attachment perspective, considering the different non dominant cultural values and their effect on what is being shared within the partner dynamic and in the therapy room.  

Fees- Joint

60 minute session- $250

 Expressive Arts Groups

I offer groups for mixed and multi-heritage folks who want to unpack their mixed experience in community.


I also have a group for folks to learn creative ways to manage their anxiety. 

Learn more here:


Mixed Identity: $399 for 8 weeks

EXA for Anxiety: $520 for 8 weeks

As someone looking to make an investment in your well being, knowing the cost is important. If you are considering starting therapy, it's important to keep in mind that there is a cost both for starting therapy, as well as a cost of NOT starting therapy. As you imagine what your life may look like a year from now- consider where you will be if things stay the same they are now, and what may be different if you decide to move towards a life where you experience more creativity, clarity, and connection.  This involves risk as well as reward, and it's not an easy decision- I am happy to talk more with you about whether or not we'd be a good fit to work together. If not, I can offer some referrals for a clinician that may be a better fit.  

If you have questions about what therapy will look like, you can also read more on my FAQ page here.

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