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Sacred Presence: 

reimagining & re-membering


 This is an invitation to a yearlong deep dive into the ideas and themes generated in the 8 week Mixed Identity group.

Over the course of the year, we'll take time together to slow down and turn inward. We'll map out our stories, our histories, our myths and our hero's journey, culminating in a fuller picture of who we are (as opposed to "what" we are). 

Using the modalities of Expressive Arts- including drawing, creative writing, and movement, we'll explore identity through the body- uncovering and rediscovering our stories. Stories of others, ourselves, and how we show up in relationship. 

This is an invitation to:

  • Slow down, move forward with intention

  • Laugh, have fun, and reclaim your right to rest in a community of support

  • Reconnect to joyful, uninhibited creativity

  • Explore how our bodies hold a story of who we are- personally and collectively

Over the coming year, we will gather every month to unpack, explore, and share ideas our insights, questions, and discoveries. 

We experience the world in our bodies, and they can provide a key to help understand the stories we tell ourselves. 




My intention is that by the end of the year together, you will:

  • ​Begin to set down the baggage of family burdens

  • Move through the world with confidence in your sacred right to be here, take up space, and be seen

  • Have a deeper understanding of your personal mythology

  • Develop a creative practice that you can turn to as needed to support you going forward



Other Relevant info:

Who: This group is for folks who have gone through the 8 week Mixed Identity Group and want to go deeper, exploring creatively & in community.

Group is limited to 4-6 participants

What: This is an opportunity to work creatively alongside other mixed folks to unpack and explore personal and collective identity through the lens of the body.

Each month, Jennie will send a video with an invitation to that month's body based theme,

you'll also get an email with an expressive arts exploration focused on the monthly theme, and there'll be a monthly gathering focusing on  a specific, body-led identity exploration.

You'll also have a 1:1 check in with Jennie each month where we'll explore and unpack what is emerging for you, and create a throughline of your personal and collective journey. 

Where: This group will meet online, with at least one in person meeting if possible, date(s) TBD.

When: I'll send a short video the first week of each month, and a follow up email on the second week, we'll come together online the 3rd Wednesday of each month for 90 minutes, from 4:30- 6:00pm PST. The fourth week will be for integration, reflection, and rest. 

How much: $2200 for the year, can be paid monthly ($200/ month). 

 If you're interested in being put on the 2023 group, please fill out the form below. 


**Please note:  Like the 8 week Mixed Identity group, this is not a therapy group, participants are encouraged to have their own therapist and will be offered a referral if needed.** 

Sacred Presence: 
reimagining & remembering 

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

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