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You don't have to prove your Belonging

As someone who is navigating the world between labels, cultures, and communities, you may often find yourself "reading the room"- trying to figure out what is being asked of you, or what is expected given the setting, person, and place. 

  • At times, you may feel that you don't have the right to speak up or take up space.

  • You feel like you're not enough of one thing, or "too much" of something else.

  • You often think that there won't be anyone in the group who can understand or relate to your experience.


  • You're carrying wounds inflicted be beloved family or well-meaning friends who make you feel more isolated and alone.

  • You may be thinking: mixed, multiracial, biracial, multicultural, multi-heritage, hafrican, blasian, mixie, halfie,      - do any of these labels fit? do they matter?

  • How can you or I or we talk about this if we can't agree on the language, or don't have the words?

I help folks who identify between labels harness their creativity in order to take up more room, and feel fully seen. 



This group is to guide folks who have ignored, hidden, or, shifted their identity in order to accommodate others tap into to their creative wisdom.

We do this to acknowledge, own, and show who we are (as opposed to communicate "what" we are). 

This is an invitation to be seen as you are, no further explanation needed

As someone who was often "misread" by others, and asked to explain "what" I was, and how I was related to members of my family, I get it. Maybe like you, I found myself avoiding conversations, people, and places where my identity might be called into question, or where I knew I'd have to talk about race, ethnicity, background or culture. This group is an an invitation to look deeper at your identity, without having to have any answers- just the courage to show up.  

This 8 week group is for folks of mixed heritage- including those who identify as bi/multiracial, multicultural, mixed, or some other category not defined or mentioned here relating to being "more than one" - to come together to unpack and explore the complexity of mixed identity.

Here's what's included:

  • weekly 75 minute meetings on a secure online platform (secure video)

  • weekly expressive arts invitations to explore creatively between meetings

  • access to a community a fellow mixed folks


The fee for the 8 weeks is $1200, payment plans are available as needed. 


Moving from You to Me to We

As we move through the 8 week structure, we use the expressive arts to guide us in exploring and answering these questions:


We begin by focusing on "You" (our heads)

  • How do I understand my identity in context?

  • Who or what has influenced my self understanding


We start here in our heads, where we analyze, rationalize, and make sense. 

In weeks 4 and 5, we turn our attention to "Me" (our gut)

  • What do I value, what do I love?

  • What's most important to me?

  • We make room for rest, integration and digestion. 

Moving from the head down to our gut, the seat of our intuition, we begin to tune in to what is relevant and important to us.

In weeks 6 and 7, we consider "We" (our heart)

  • How do we bring this wisdom from an inner focus our into our relationships with others?

  • How do we communicate 

Finally, we move up into the heart.


  • Week 1-  Laying the groundwork- putting identity into context

  • Week 2- Who are you?  Being seen and feeling safe, secure and soothed

  • Week 3- "What are you?"  Creating what's needed

  • Week 4- Who am I? Love what you love

  • Week 5- Rest, digest & metabolize

  • Week 6- Who are We? Ancestors and descendants

  • Week 7- What are We? Community, Connection, and Belonging

  • Week 8- Identity, Relationship & Community






Next Steps

Ready to join? Want to learn more? Have questions?

Step One: Click the link below and schedule a 20 minute call with me. I'll tell you more about the group and answer any questions you may have. During the call, we'll confirm that the group is a good fit for you

Step Two: Click the link below to reserve your spot and pay a $120 deposit to secure your spot

Step Three: I'll send an email with 




In order to be seen, you have to be willing to show yourself

We are going through a collective experience of upheaval, reconsideration, and reorganization. The old ways of doing things aren't working. As we take the chance of re-imagining what this next chapter of our personal and collective history can look like, we need your presence, your perspective, your voice, and your creativity.

I look forward to being in community with you! 


Schedule a call


Pay your deposit


check your email

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