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Joint Therapy

While we live in a culture that values and promotes independence, individualism, and self reliance, as human beings we need each other to survive, thrive, and be well. 









From our earliest attachment figures to our partner(s) later in life, we create a template of who we are in the world, how others experience us, and how we see ourselves. 


Using this lens of attachment, I work with partners to unpack how conflicting messages may be showing up in relationship. This can be especially challenging when partners come from different cultures. This can be true in loving partnerships, or in the case of immigrants and their native born children, or siblings (who are always raised by parents who are fundamentally changed from one child to the next). 

If you are seeking ways to connect more deeply, communicate more clearly, and work through challenges without both people in the relationship feeling diminished, this may be a good fit- this includes couples in relationship, or members of the same family or community.

After an initial phone consultation, if we determine we want to move forward, I will send a joint therapy questionnaire for each member to complete separately. In our first session, we jointly review reasons that you have decided to seek therapy and what an ideal outcome would be. 

Using expressive arts, we'll unpack recurring patterns that are showing up in the relationship, and in the safe container of the therapeutic process, experiment with new ways of relating. 

If you're curious and want to learn more, you can set up an initial phone consultation here:

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