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An easy way to connect to joy

One of the things I love and appreciate about expressive arts therapy is that it gives us an opportunity to look more deeply at a familiar issue, and allows us to see our old story in a new way.

We can take the time to dive deeper using the touchstones of art, the body, and creative writing to get beneath the surface of a familiar idea.

On the other hand, sometimes we lack the time, energy, or willingness to dive deep. Many of us are feeling depleted, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

This simple exa activity can be a way to connect with joy when we feel we need a boost.

Drawing to music:

Find a quiet moment-this can be done with as little as 5 minutes up to an hour

Pick a song, album or playlist that feels joyful

Choose supplies: paper and drawing material (I recommend watercolors or oil pastels)

Play your music

Connect to any sensations of joy in your body

Allow yourself to be moved by the music and draw or paint “in time” with the music

When you’re finished take a moment to reflect on your drawing

Give it a title

Repeat as needed.

This exercise can be done with any emotion, not just joy. Though, in these times, I hope you give yourself the space and time needed to connect to joy in whatever form it takes.

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